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Carrot soup

I thought I'd share a recipe of a soup I made quite often in the past few months: carrot soup!
It's actually super simple, healthy, vegan, en superduper easy to alter to your own wishes (or to what's left in your fridge).

What you need:
5 Carrots (250 to 400 grams or someting I guess)
1L vegetable stock (from cubes)
1 can of coconut milk

and a blender. A stickblender (is that the word?) is most handy.
This is like the base, and it will probably be really tasty already like this, but I love putting in all kinds of herbs, for instance:

Ginger, cumin, kurkuma, cilantro, (hot) currie, peper, some fresh mint on top when you serve it.
or if you want to go the other way around: try some italian herbs such as rosemary, thyme, basil..

Also, a few days ago I added half a pumpkin that was still in our fridge, I just chopped it in bits, skin and all. And throw in an onion, garlic, or some lentils (throw these in just before you start blending).
Something like leek would probably be nice too, or maybe even something green (though it would be a shame of the beautiful orange color!:-))

Anyway, how you make it is also fairly easy:
- Chop up the carrots. I usually do 1cm slices and make half moons of them.
- Chop up any other vegetables you'd like to put in.
- Fry the vegetables in a big cooking pan (not a frying pan!) with some (coconut)oil, for about 5 minutes. I usually like to throw in some herbs already for I like it when it gets fried with the vegetables. But you could also add them later. (I mostly do some when frying, and throw some more in when I added the stock)
- Boil water for the stock. Once that's done, poor it in the pan with the right amount of cubes. And like I said before, throw in some more herbs to taste.
- Leave it to boil for about 10 to 15 minutes; if the carrots are soft it's good!
- Then turn of fire and blend it to a soft creamy soup. (If you want to add lentils or other beans; do it just before you start blending)
- Add coconutmilk to taste.
- If necessary: add more water (or coconutmilk) if the soup is too thick. I really like a thick soup, but sometimes I just put in too much carrots and then the consistency is almost like a sauce. Not good.

We ate it with some bread with beet hummus, recipe found here. Though next time I think it would be nice to throw some chickpeas in. I mean, I like beets, but only beets is a bit too hardcore for me. I just really like the chickpea taste :-)

Anyway, I'm not the best at writing out recipes, for when I cook I just usually do stuff on taste, feel, eye and smell, but it really is something like this.

btw, you could also of course switch the coconutmilk for soy or rice cooking cream, or if you don't like eating vegan: just add some cream, or maybe even crème fraîche.

I'm going to make some vegan egg-salad! Never did that before so I'm excited about how it will turn out!

Have a nice day.


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