zondag, februari 16

Valentines Day: a mysterious package

I made this for Tom. Since I always joke about being in love with Alan Rickman, and writing a song about it. (of course I really do love him)

Too bad he didn't give me anything.. I mean.. I even got an email from Benedict Freeman wishing me a happy valentines day and telling me to look underneath the couch.. where I found this:

AWESOME!!! Thank you so much Benedict and the Sugar skull mysteries team! Tom could learn some things from you guys..

It's not that we're super into V-day or anything, but we also had our 1,5 year anniversary the 4th, and we didn't really do anything to celebrate it, so we decided to cook some nice foodz and have our (traditional) floor dinner! We made fried tofu with a soy/sesame dip, courgette/tomate/mozzi rolls, lentil/beet/spinach salad and portobello pizza's. IT WAS SO GOOD.
For desert I wanted to make the vegan chocolate mousse I read so much about. I've been wanting to make it for a while now. It's avocado/banana/soy milk/agave/cacao, and here it is:

It was God in liquid eatable form. I swear.

Okay, well, have to go!
Have a nice day.


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