vrijdag, maart 28

EP & Birthday

Long time no blog! Or at least it feels like it. After the EP recordings I was so done.. I just had to take while to chillax and go yolo (which means; sleeping a lot, and taking time to celebrate my birthday! Which are actually 2 opposite things).

On the EP; Richard and I listened to the recordings last monday. It was so scary! But actually it wasn't so bad at all! (Both the recordings and the listening to them). And though I decided today I want to rerecord at least 1, maybe 2 songs, I am super happy!

After we recorded the songs the 12th of March, we also had some time left to do some shots I wanted to do, to make a 'meet the crew' video! Tom made an awesome teaser for a 10 minute play he wrote last year, and I loved that so much I wanted to do something like it. I already edited it, but I still have to pick music for it, which is a bit harder than I expected ;-) anyway, I already love it! Those boys are so funny. Above picture is a still from a take I won't be using, but the take I will be using pretty much looks the same. YOLO.

And then my birthday! I passed the big 2-3! (that's not really a thing is it?) It's also not really that big. I like it better than 22. It sounds better.
On the day of my birthday we got together at our place for some fun and games! (mainly "Weerwolven" WHICH IS THE BEST GAME EVER) and even though I'd said they should't bring presents I still got some.  Awww. I got incense sticks, a fragrant candle, the game 'Regenwormen', some beautiful tulips, a pack of cards with naked men on them, a pen to write on porcelain (dus je zult je drollen-beker krijgen Sjors! ;-)), and 3 rolls of film. Also, when I got home Tom had hung garlands and balloons! YAAAAAAYYYYY!! So sweet of him. (they're still hanging, it's so colorful!)
Let's see.. did I forget something?.. I don't think so..!

Tom already told me his present wouldn't make it on time, it got here the day after my birthday. I already had a gut feeling what it would be.. even more since got me a card with a little camera on it saying 'the card is a hint'. 'Cause you see, I saw some picture on instagram of somebody having a diy camera.. and yeeeesss it was exactly that! So cool! Being the impatient person I am, I immediately started building it (THOSE SCREWS ARE SO FUCKING TINY). And I think I managed it in a bit more time they said it would take (2 hours? 2,5?) Some parts were a bit hard, but overall it was really doable and fun too! This is what it looks like finished:

Awesome right? I love it! So excited to see how the photo's will come out.. Will certainly post some if they're in (and looking decent enough).

Then, Thursday, it was the finale of Wie is de Mol (best frigging tv show EVER), and 4 of my favorite persons came by to watch it, and then have a sleepover. They gave me a little ranunculus plant.. too bad it's already dying :-( all the leaves are hanging down and the biggest flower is also already starting to wilt. So sad! I also really don't know why.. At first I thought it was too wet, so I watered it,  but it's still wilting more and more. :-(
They also gave me a book voucher yayyyyy! Never can't have enough books (I know).

Tom's parents gave me a beautiful ex libris stamp, and also a handwritten voucher for the new Murakami book. Which I thought was out already, but it's not! Have to wait til September.

I felt so lucky with all the people around me, coming to my birthday, congratulating me and thinking of me, giving me presents and just being awesome.

I made 2 vegan and sugar free carrot cakes by the way. I think I'll post the recipe some time.
Well, long blog! Done now.

Have a nice day!



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  1. Aw yiss, drollenbeker! Toffe cadeaus :)

    Off topic: Ik heb mailcontact met Julian Hertz (singer songwriter). Heb je een e-mailadres waarmee ik je aan die conversatie toe kan voegen?