zondag, maart 30

Instamonth march

Wow, looking back on instagram I can't believe all the things that happened this month! Buying these little gold rings for my ear seem like 2 months ago. * Eating the first icecream with Tom outside in the sunny weather too feels like it was ages ago. * And this is how my seedlings look now! Except that right now, they're even bigger!

Omg how cute is this cat? :D * After physiotherapy I took a different route home and decided to sit in the sun by myself, it was so nice. * I've been drawing more and more, love doing it.

Same place as where I sat down; it's so close to our home, really nice. * And you've seen this one of course; recording the EP! * The 13th Tom and I went to see The Grand Budapest Hotel and I loved it! I actually wanted to write a blog about it, but maybe I'll do that some other time, after I've seen it the second time. What a piece of eye candy it was!

You remember when I bought all those books? I also bought this awesome glass! Ha the humor, cracks me up * I got some cuddly times with this fluffball, still love her so much, wish I could take her into our home * Amazing sky

The day after my birthday-selfie * I did backingvocals for Tineke, it was a lot of fun! * I totally forgot to mention this one: this was sent to me by someone that likes my music! Feels so surreal. Awesome. Also; how cute are those rats? (or mice)

I drew my own business cards because I had a show coming up and wanted people to be able to find me online, I like drawing but I'm really insecure about it, so it was nice to see that people liked them * I crocheted a bow tie for Tom! It looks better on him (on Tom, not on Dylan) * We did a photoshoot with Rosa for Tom's graduation filmscript. It was awesome! 

I LOVE SPRING. ALL THE FLOWERS! Enough capslock. Tom and I went to Ikea, I love going to Ikea, and I bought myself some daffodils, one of my favorite flowers, they smell amazing. * Same flowers, but now smelling nice and looking cute * Damn tree you look hot.

Okaaayyy a lot of photos! For the people with instagram, if you'd like it, you can follow me here.


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