vrijdag, juni 11

Fiona Apple - Oh Well

Seriously. I've said it before. But, this song Oh well, by Fiona Apple (Fleetwood macs song called Oh well is awesome as well of course) is one of my most favourite songs.

I get a sort of angry determined feeling while I'm singing a long, and I get the urge to stamp along with my foot to the song.

The album version is awesome. But the version from the late night show with craig ferguson, is the best. (I think, is the best).

Album version: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6Eaczu4wdE&translated=1
I don't know, but this version is a bit different from the one I have.. uglier.. The sound's awful anyway.

Late night show version:

Most of her lyrics are about sad things and love gone bad. But there's also such an amazing power in her songs, and not only anger driven power. Also 'I'll make it through'/'I get myself/it now'.

I love her.

Oh, and, by the way, if anybody's in need for a new book. Try Haruki Murakami, he's awesome. I got Kafka on the Shore on my birthday from one of my 2 best friends Sarah, who has a blog but puts nothing on it (;p) and I loved every word of it. So now I bought another one of his books, something with hard-boiled wonderland and the end of the world. He writes so beautifully, and the books are also exiting!

Well, I'm off to Oerol (festival on one of the Dutch islands with music and lots of theatre and lots of cycling through woods and dunes) tomorrow. Hoping the weathergods like me this week.
I want at least one swim in the ocean without freezing to death or getting enormous ear aches.


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