dinsdag, september 7

Hey geys showsshowsshows!

Friday the 10th at 22:00 I'll be playing at Popronde Nijmegen. At Cafe In de Blaauwe Hand (googlemapsyou). It's free! So you better be coming.

Then sunday till wednesday, I'll be playing in the NAi building in Rotterdam, with danceproject Stardust (check the thingy on the right of this blog, there's a link there).

And friday the 17th you have to come see me at Popronde Rotterdam at the Rotheater. Also for free. Check www.popronde2010.nl

I'm sitting in the train now, to Rotterdam for rehearsals, it's been sooo busy and I haven't got internet at home yet.. (almost now though! and thank goodness there is television now).
School is nice, missing my boyfriend and friends isn't that nice, and being this awfully busy is only okay because I know it's not gonna last forever and because I am still doing the things I love.

Have to write a country song for my songwriting class.. listening to Taylor Swift (strangely enough) isn't really inspirational..

X Fleur

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Wanna be like youuuuuu

    Ik snap niet waarom Taylor Swift altijd pretendeert country te maken. Het is toch meer.. sappige pop?
    Enniehow, je liedje wordt vast heel erg leuk à la love you're a whore van regina.

  2. Nou, het is opzich wel country, qua liedopbouw/vorm en stemgebruik en muzikale dingen, maar dan gaat het vervolgens alleen maar over liefde.
    She wears shooortskirts I wear teeeeshirts.. uhu.

  3. Da's bij mij om de hoek :) Ik ben benieuwd, tot vanavond ;)