dinsdag, februari 8


And how I'm quite feeling it.

Aaaarrr but again, nothing to say. Ran out of 4 things blablabla.. challenge whatever thingy. (yes)

Right-o! I posted Frankie on youtube!

Ahhmmm... so... Oooh I just found some 'live footage' (omg...)
Here I was your Bird at Jonge Harten Festival (theatre).. oohh this was so harsh. Marco and I had just broken up. And just before the show I was crying and feeling fucked. And then I had to sing this song...

My sister had come to me on the day before, all the way from Groningen to Enschede, and she came back to me to Groningen (where the festival was). Ohh she's such a sweety.

Oeh, and here is Mushrooms life in Effenaar, Eindhoven, being Wildbirds&Peacedrums's support!

And from the same show; Oh, Wikipedia. cool :)

You can't see much but the sound quality is really nice I think!

I really thought nobody liked my show there. But now I'm looking at it and listening, and I am very critical listening to myself, but I actually think it went kind of well! Especially since I had had some stress beforehand, since my piano wasn't working haha.. but the people there were really nice and in the end, as you can hear and see, it worked. Yay.

Ooohhhhh (gesus, lots of 'oooohh's' today eh?) it's SUCH NICE WEATER!!! I get all happy when it's like this :D .. and I feel like saying 'Aaaaahh ohhh the weather is SO NICE! IT'S JUST SOOO NICE!" all day long.

what's the story morning glory?
Session update: What if God was one of us, Karma Police
and maybe Wicked Games by Chris Isaac.


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ik kon de filmpjes :) en een deugd om naar te luisteren zoals altijd, een eargasm misschien wel ;) heb je een beetje van het weer genoten?

  2. Haha grapjas
    Ohh ja met dit weer ben ik altijd een bonk enthousiasme.. echt goddelijk!