maandag, augustus 1

I need a freak. to hold me tight.

FINALLY > the perfect way to make a bun! I used to begin with step 6, but if you twirl it first, it's much more pretty and stays longer and better.

Had a nice weekend seeing my sister and visiting my besties in Amsterdam. We did some shopping in the ABC (American Book Centre) bought a new Haruki Murakami (The wind up bird chronicles) and Catcher in the Rye by.. forgot his name, but it's an oldie and Rosa's roomie said I should read it! So I can't wait to finish Robinson Crusoe, and then the Margaret Tatcher, so I can read it and then finish with the Murakami. Hopefully I'll manage to read them all in the next month! 'cause when school starts it'll probably be too busy to read like I'm doing now. Ah well, doesn't matter either way. I'll finish them some day.

I also bought a second hand rodent cage, actually a bit to low for rats, but I figure that if I make some plateaus for it, they can still climb a bit. I'm soooo hoping I can have rats in my next room! Oh yes, I might even have found one already, but I won't know until probably the end of this month. And then I'll be moving by the end of september, if the room gets free then of course. Well, keeping my fingers crossed. I'll be living with 2 of my classmates, so even if I can't keep rats there, I'll probably be okay. Just don't want to be all alone anymore like I am in the room I have now. Sucks balls.

Oh and I bought a skirt and got one (as a late b-day present) from my friend Rosa, who works at the American Apparel which is really awesome.

Just had an hour of work, I'll get some lunch now, and then head of to the swimming pool again.

Haha, sometimes, like now, I feel like it's totally boring writing all this down, I mean, how could this be interesting to anyone. But well, I just like writing what's on my mind I guess, so it's more for myself then for others.. so I could also just stop and take up writing in a diary.. but then I'd probably stop doing that in a week and never touch it again.


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