vrijdag, december 16

Somebody that I used to know

By the way, what happened to blogger? It's so shitty editing/writing a blog now :/
Anyway, I felt like posting some images! Just some random stuff I dragged onto my desktop from the internetz last week.

Still love that song.

Mmm not so many reservations for the livingroom concerts, which sucks, 'cause it's really even more fun with more people. Only about 10 reservations for both cities now. It's hard to get enough people where you don't know that much people.

Ah well, looking forward to it anyway! Aahh and luckily Tineke is coming along! She tore her anklet this week and 2 days ago it seemed she wouldn't come along, or otherwise only the 2nd day. But she insisted on coming. I'll have to support her here and there but I'd do that with luuuv :) I'm just so happy my sister (who lives in Rotterdam, and the concert we're doing at her boyfriends house) will see us perform as Tree Like Fun. And we're gonna do 2 new songs!

Weeeeeellllll I think I'll listen to Gotye one more time and then take a shower. Or sumphin'.


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  1. Fijn nummer :) En een verademing tussen alle crap op de radio tijdens werk.

    Als jullie naar Arnhem komen, wordt het volle bak! (Of ik zal er iig mijn best voor doen :P) Maar toch, nogmaals, veel plezier. Stoer dat Tineke toch meegaat.