woensdag, januari 22

How my heart behaves

Sometimes I have days with rain clouds and storm inside my head. There are days in which I can shake them away -out through the left ear or the right- and days in which I can't seem to get the sun to come out. These days are so tiring and so frustrating. They feel so cold and dark. And even though I know the day will end and the morrow will provide me with a clean slate, these days feels endless.

Is this recognizable? I know I can't be the only one since we have a world with billions and gazillions, you're never alone in something (PostSecret proves me time in time again, still, sometimes it's nice to really hear it from someone.

These days come out of nowhere and aren't really based on anything, just like the weather; it's just the way it is.

Anyway, if I wouldn't have had such a shitty day, I would have the most awesome day ever since something very peculiar happened to me..

I got an email from a stranger.

A message from one Benedict Freeman, the subject being 'consulting detective':

International super villain Bobby Currantbaker striked again. This time he has stolen four precious artifacts known as 'sugar skulls' or 'calaveras' from the Aztec museum in Mexico.
The artifacts are worth a vast amount of money and we have reasons to believe Mr Currantbaker has hidden them separately. Now we rely on you, the consulting detective with the best reputation, to retrieve them. They could be hidden anywhere. Even within your own home...
Miss Kan, you are our only hope to stop this criminal mastermind and retrieve the valuable sugar skulls.

If you accept this mission, please respond with the word: yes.

I will then send you further details to get you on your way.

Naturally, I replied.


And an email with further information made it's way to me through the wide open interwebz.
2 hints: a photograph of a book which happened to be in our bedroom
and a link to a website; password protected.
And this: 

We think Currantbaker might be moving the skulls, so time is a factor. You have until aprox 18:00 to find the skull. After that, it might be moved.

In the book I found a napkin containing the numbers 46 and 4. (The Chinese Banker anyone?)
So I checked the book immediately but nothing got me through the protection. I tried page 46, word 4. Sentence 4. The 4th word from the bottom. The 4th page going from the 46th page.. I even tried 1984 by George Orwell since it was on the same photograph that was sent so me.. all blanks.
Due to my shitty day I then moped around in bed playing Candycrush, and slept. 

When I woke up it was 18:04.
I spoke Tom and he very cryptically referred to a conversation we had a while back (the previous sentence was a bit sarcastic, he actually said something like: when we spoke of this a few days ago we talked about if we would do this we'd take a book we both have.. so there goes my reputation as a consulting detective). So then I tried the books we both have. 

Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood: page 46, word 4. Nope.
Olivia by Tom Hofland: page 46, word 4. Nein.
Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami: page 46, word 4. Bingo.

Alarmingly [enter] --> password correct.

Which showed me a photo of a shelf in our bedroom. I took a chair, positioned it, and stood on it.
Behind the vinyl.. I don't think so.. is something weird going on with the toy robot?.. guess not. Maybe the cat teapot?

Shake it --> something's inside.

I found 1 little red sugarskull. 4 to go I guess.

Even though today wasn't on of by best days, and I still don't feel my easy breezy cover girl cosmetics-self, THIS WAS AWESOME. And Tom is so fucking cool. I mean, not that he's got anything to do with this of course.

Who is this mysterious Benedict Freeman? Why does he come to me for help? I'm just a girl (having a bad day).

I will get you Bobby Currantbaker. 
The game is on.


2 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh ja Fleur, ik begrijp heel goed wat je bedoelt en hoe je je voelt.
    Ik weet nooit zo goed waardoor het komt dat je je soms opeens een paar dagen niet lekker in je vel voelt en boven alles donkere wolken lijken te hangen.
    Misschien zijn het hormonen die vreemde salto's maken, misschien het donkere weer.
    Ik liep in Oslo langs een winkel en daar stond in grote letters op 'You can't control the waves, but you can learn how to surf'.
    Wat ik altijd doe in deze dagen is mezelf trakteren op van alles. Op lekkere kopjes koffie, een nieuwe trui, een blok zeep van Lush of een paar geplukte takken of bloemen uit het park.
    Misschien ben ik soms een beetje te goed in verwennen, maar het maakt me altijd wel vrolijk.
    Een vriendinnetje van mij stuurde mij ook een keer dit en ik vond het zo mooi:
    "You deserve to live through all of your emotions, all of your states of motivation, and know that as long as you are treating everyone with kindness (including yourself), you have nothing to be ashamed of.”
    Fijne dagen en al het liefs, Loes

    1. Bedankt voor je fijne berichtje! Mooie woorden en goede tips. Voor volgende keer zal ik ze onthouden en mezelf trakteren :-) Vooral de kindness is, moeilijk, maar juist belangrijk tijdens zulke dagen denk ik ja.
      Fijn om nog even te horen dat ik inderdaad echt niet de enige ben met zulk soort dagen (hoewel, ook niet fijn natuurlijk, maar je snapt het wel :))