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Raw cashew dreamcake & Ginger ale

The dreamcake

The ginger ale
Most of the times I really like food. I like making it and eating it and reading and learning about it.
It's nice to have Tom as a boyfriend, for I wanted to make both the cake and the ale for a while now, but I never really did it (lazy, busy, money). But Tom, who also wanted to make it, wanted to try it this weekend. And so we did. Both were really easy to make, and really tasty to eat.

For the ginger ale all you have to do is cut up 1 cup of ginger, and boil it in 2 cups of water with 1 (was it 1?) cup of sugar. Okay, so, it's not really healthy, but it's still better than soda. Also, I'd like to try and make it with agave sirup instead of sugar.
Strain it, cool it, serve it with some fizzy water --> drink it!
I like it better with normal water, I guess because I don't really like the bubbly water, it's just weird.
And with normal water the spicy ginger taste comes out so much better. Love this! (also, it's good for your throat. Maybe add a slice of lemon, or just make it with honey instead of sugar an drink it with hot water and make some sort of tea.. yum)

The dreamcake is a bit more work, and a bit more money, but also SUPER NICE.
The bottom layer is made of almonds and dates (oh btw, it's not really raw actually, since we bought dates drenched in glucose syrup by accident :( I should pay more attention to that next time).
The white layer is soaked cashews with coconut oil, agave sirup, juice of 2 lemons and some vanilla extract (oh, yes, this wasn't completely raw either) (so basically it's just a vegan cheesecake).
For the pink layer add a cup of raspberries.
Then you put it together and shove it in the freezer. I think it took about 4 to 5 hours for it to freeze completely. And then it has so warm up a bit again when you want to eat it . (add some raspberries for perfect princess effect)

Anyway, if you'd want to make them, instead of reading my 'not really a recipe-recipe' just check My New Roots. (And while you're at it, have a look around, she has some really nice recipes)(and with some I mean A LOT I WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING)
For the ginger ale recipe click here. Hm.. internet isn't really working in the train, sorry. Maybe you could just google that yourself if you're interested. Ah wait, here's a recipe, it's just not the one we used.

I think I will probably get another email from Benedict Freeman this week. Or next. It's just this gut feeling I have.

Have a nice day.

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